Grant #181

Webber Lake Little Truckee River Headwaters Management

The Webber Lake property, which constitutes the headwaters of the Little Truckee River, consists of approximately 3,200 acres of lake, meadow, and conifer forest habitat. In December, 2012, the Land Trust was successful in acquiring the property. The property has astounding resource values including Webber Lake, a 220-acre natural lake that is the headwater lake of the Little Truckee River: the riparian system – a largely intact ecosystem that provides clean source water to the Little Truckee River, Lacey Meadow, a 1,500-acre meadow system, and Upper Lacey Meadow, a 400-acre meadow system. The Little Truckee River, which flows east off of the Sierra into Nevada, is a significant contributor of water for the cities of Reno and Sparks.

TMWA Benefit:

This program satisfies the TRF Grant Priorities II and VII – Watershed Improvements and Meet Multiple Objectives. This timber management will launch a multi-year program, addressing areas of disease and overstock and aid in prevention of catastrophic wildfires which will aid in source water protection and reducing the amount of sediment entering waterways due to erosion which affects water quality.