Grant #183

Truckee River Cleanup Crew – Year 3

This project intends to remove trash and debris from the banks of the Truckee River within Reno’s city limits, focusing on public property along the Truckee River Path.  The project location will be the banks of the Truckee River within Reno’s city limits. The upper limit will be the White Fir subdivision; the lower limit will be just below Telegraph Road. Work will primarily be on public property (City, County and State) within Reno city limits, and may also include certain private properties with owner permission. These will primarily include adjacent business, railroad and owner association property.

Results will be measured by the number of bags of trash and debris, shopping carts, and other materials removed from the project area.

TMWA Benefit:

This project supports the Grant Priority VI –Stewardship and Environmental Awareness.  Crew will remove trash, litter, illegal campsites and other refuse along the banks of the Truckee River and direct tributaries, primarily upstream of TWMA’s Glendale Water Treatment Plant.  This will help protect the quality of the community’s municipal water supply.