Grant #180

One Truckee River Phase I Implementation: AmeriCorps Support, Watershed Survey & Watershed Education

This funding will support KTMB and NLT in their continued leadership of the One Truckee River initiative through the adoption of Phase I Action Plans, and provide two AmeriCorps volunteers to (1) complete a comprehensive GIS inventory of the Truckee River corridor and (2) complete a Community Watershed Survey; provide management support for two additional AmeriCorps volunteers, who will (3) complete and implement Watershed Warriors curricula for K-12, and (4) a Community Watershed Education Plan.

TMWA Benefit:

This program satisfies the TRF Grant Priorities I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII – Aquatic Invasive Species, Watershed Improvements, Local Stormwater Improvements, Re-Forestation and Re-Vegetation Projects, Support to Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Drainage Courses, Stewardship and Environmental Awareness, Meet Multiple Objectives, and Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation. The One Truckee River’s approach in addressing all TRF grant priorities and working in collaboration with local agencies will ensure not just TMWA, but the community, benefit from prevention/control of aquatic species, reduced erosion, mitigation of stormwater run-off, improved water quality, re-forestation and re-vegetation, rehabilitation of tributaries, and education programs such as the Watershed Warriors Curricula.