Grant #37

Truckee River Water Quality Protection and Enhancement Project/ River Oaks Subdivision at Verdi

The project involves constructing 100 lineal feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer main to connect the sewer collection system serving the River Oaks Subdivision to Lawton Verdi Interceptor Sewer.

The project addresses and resolves previously identified and documented sources of regulated drinking water contaminants and known discharges of pollution to the Truckee River in the Verdi area, which is immediately upstream of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s drinking water supply intake (Highland Canal).

TMWA Benefit:

The project provides direct environmental and public health benefits to the Truckee River and to the customers of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority by:

  • Eliminating a temporary connection that exposes the Truckee River to potential spills of untreated sewage over the last several months, and
  • Eliminating an ongoing source of nitrate pollution to the local groundwater and Truckee River by closing down the wastewater treatment facility operated by the Verdi Meadows Utility Company.