Grant #38

Alum Creek/Hunter Creek Watershed Remediation/Hawken Fire Restoration Effort

This project entails remediation of non-federal lands damaged by the Hawken Fire. Scope of work includes the hydroseeding of 70 acres, removal of hazardous trees, construction of 3 debris basins, clearing channels of burn debris, installation of 2 gaging stations for flood early warning, and installation of fencing and signage. Erosion control efforts need to begin immediately before winter rain and snow impact the burn area.

The funding amount recommended by the Fund advisors is to be focused on the hydroseeding effort.

TMWA Benefit:

Directly benefits water quality and the watershed of the Truckee River, thereby maintaining water quality to the intakes of TMWA’s water treatment facilities. Without remediation of the watershed damaged by the Hawken Fire, TMWA’s water treatment plants will be subject to increased sediment and turbidity loading which could adversely affect treatment.