Grant #247

OTR Partnership, River-Friendly Landscape Pilot, & Engagement with the Public

Project Description:

Project Goal 1: Lead, coordinate and fundraise for the OTR partnership

  • Track number of OTR Partnership Council Meetings, OTR Partnership Working Groups, and small meetings with partners, other relevant agencies, and the public.
  • OTR will apply for funding to further the OTR Management Plan implementation.

Project Goal 3: Utilize social media platforms, OTR website, and cross-promotions with OTR partners to increase the public’s understanding of the Truckee River, OTR and partners ’river efforts.

  • Monthly social media content planned & executed
  • 3 posts boosted per month to increase OTR social media followers
  • Maintain blog posts on OTR website

TMWA Benefit:

Project Goal 1:

  • Priority VII Meet Multiple Objectives and VIII Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation because OTR is a collaboration of public and private partners focused on the implementation of the OTR Management Plan. The OTR Plan describes 103 action items devoted to protecting the Truckee River and working to meet multiple objectives.

Project Goal 3:

  • Priorities II Watershed Improvements, III Local Stormwater Improvements, V Support to Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Drainage Courses, and VI Stewardship, Environmental Awareness, Meet Multiple Objectives and VIII Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation by supporting all of the Project Goals described above to be effectively distributed and communicated to Truckee Meadow’s residents along with increasing the overall understanding of the Truckee River and the OTR and partners’ river efforts.