Grant #248

Mt. Rose Noxious Weed Monitoring, Treatment, & Re-Seeding #9

Project Description:

The goal of the 2021 Mt. Rose Wilderness Noxious Weed Monitoring, Treatment, and Re-Seeding project is to protect the water quality of the Truckee River and its watershed by removing noxious weeds from the heavily used Hunter Creek watershed and reseeding treated areas with native seeds. With the help of volunteers, we will mitigate the spread of musk thistle (Carduus nutans), monitor known weeds sites for changes and growth, and identify any new infestations. In 2020. We expanded our weed treatment program to include re-seeding efforts as directed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). We look forward to continuing this effort in 2021 in addition to monitoring and removing invasive weeds.

Staff will monitor known weed sites during April and early May tracking spread of plants and efficacy of the previous year’s treatment. During May and June, staff will lead volunteer’s noxious weeds sites and remove them with shovels and by hand. If plants have produced flowers, we will clip the seed heads and pack them out to be safely disposed of. In the fall, staff will lead volunteers to previously identified sites to disperse native seeds by hand.

TMWA Benefit:

 Our projects are in line with many of the grant priorities, specifically priority II Watershed Improvements, IV Re-Forestation & Re-Vegetation Projects, VI Stewardship & Environmental Awareness, and VII Meet Multiple Objectives. Noxious weeds, specifically Musk Thistle, pose a significant threat to the health of the Truckee River Watershed. Through volunteer stewardship projects, we seek to improve the health of the Truckee River Watershed by removing noxious weeds and replacing them with native plants. Reducing the number of weeds in the Hunter Creek area (a main tributary to the Truckee River) will improve the water quality, reduce soil erosion, and slow the spread further downstream, as well as enhance the recreation qualities of the Hunter Creek Trail. Our long-standing Wilderness Weed Warriors program seeks to both engage and educate the public on the importance of noxious weed management. By educating the public on these issues, we can inspire ore stewardship and environmental awareness of the entire watershed.