Grant #75

Truckee Wetlands Restoration Project-Phase 2

The overall project entails the completion of a watershed restoration project in an effort to restore the natural watershed in the Truckee urban area to its original condition.  Upon completion, the restoration project will:

  1. Improve habitat connectivity and diversity
  2. Attenuate peak flows to the Truckee River
  3. Improve wetlands functioning and water quality
  4. Reduce erosion and sedimentation loading to the Truckee River
  5. Improve storm water control and management

Phase One of the project has already been completed.  This work concluded that the area in question was a connected watershed and that watershed projects should be pursued to restore connectivity and function of original watershed to the fullest extent possible.  Phase Two work will include the development of restoration plans and permit acquisition.  Work tasks include the following:

  1. Soils Investigations
  2. Installation of shallow groundwater monitoring wells coupled with surface and groundwater quality monitoring
  3. Restoration Design
  4. Biological Assessments with collection of baseline data

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA will benefit with a reduction in sediment loading to Truckee River and overall water quality benefits.