Grant #76

Coldstream Canyon Floodplain Restoration Project

The overall project entails the restoration of a streambed and floodplain of Cold Creek/Coldstream Canyon upstream of its confluence with Donner Creek east of Donner Lake.  Project components include re-grading of streambanks along 1035 feet of steambed, the creation of .8 acres of floodplain currently in an incised channel, the removal of 5,000 tons of fine sediment that would otherwise discharge to Donner Creek and the Truckee River, and the restoration of riparian habitat.

This section of Truckee River watershed is one of the largest sediment producers on the Truckee River system and has been damaged over the years from railroad and freeway construction.  This section is listed by environmental agencies (EPA 303(d) list) as needing mitigation.

TMWA Benefit:

Upon completion, the restoration project the restoration project will:

  1. Improve habitat connectivity and diversity
  2. Attenuate peak flows and eliminate bed cutting
  3. Improve wetlands functioning and water quality
  4. Significantly reduce erosion and sedimentation loading to the Truckee River
  5. Improve storm water control and management