Grant #126

Truckee River Youth Education/Invasive Weed Pull

This project includes the following:
(1) A “Great Community Clean-up” project in Spring 2014 where trash and invasive weeds will be removed from targeted locations along the Truckee River corridor. The goal is to remove 100 cubic yards of invasive weeds and trash along the river corridor.

(2) An extensive Truckee River Cleanup in the Fall 2014. This effort will utilize about 600 volunteers. The goal is to remove about 10-20 tons of trash along the river corridor from Verdi to Lockwood

TMWA Benefit:

This project supports protection of the Truckee River within the urban corridor of the Truckee River and upstream of TMWA’s water treatment intakes. The effort includes public outreach and education important for sustained protection of the Truckee River.