Grant #26

Truckee River White Top Eradication Project at Mogul and Steamboat Creeks

The project involves the eradication of Tall White Top from approximately 20 acres of river corridor near the confluence of the Truckee River and the Steamboat and Mogul Creeks.  Tall White Top is an invasive, noxious weed that competes with natural riparian habitat.  It has had a profound deleterious impact upon the riparian habitat of the lower Truckee River.

The project will involve the spraying of an environmentally suitable herbicide selected for Tall White Top followed by the planting of cottonwoods, willows and native grasses.

The Fund Advisors conditioned approval mandating that the project be continued for a least 3 years coupled with coordination with The Nature Conservancy.

TMWA Benefit:

Directly benefits water quality and the watershed of the Truckee River, thereby maintaining water quality to the intakes of TMWA’s water treatment facilities.