Grant #210

Truckee River Water Quality Monitoring Program

Project Description:

This project will monitor physical, chemical and biological parameters to determine health of the Middle Truckee River and its tributaries. This project supports the Truckee River TMDL and the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA) by identifying areas with degraded water quality and areas where water quality improvements should be implemented.

TMWA Benefit:

Watershed Improvements: This project helps to assess the overall health of the waterways located in the Middle Truckee River watershed and provides data on whether or not we are meeting the water quality standards and objectives established by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Support Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Drainage Courses: The project helps identify areas where water quality has deteriorated and where detrimental impacts to the mainstem of the Truckee River and associated tributaries are occurring. Based on information collected, areas that have been deteriorated may be targeted for water quality improvements by TRWC and/or partnering agencies.

Stewardship and Environmental Awareness: This project engages local community members in “citizen science” by providing an opportunity to participate in collecting physical, chemical and biological data related to various water quality parameters. Through participation in this program, environmental awareness and stewardship is elevated amongst community members.

Meet Multiple Objectives: The project meets the three objectives listed above. The project also supports agreements and actions implemented under TROA and supports attainment of the Truckee River TMDL.

Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation: The water quality-monitoring program coordinated and implemented by TRWC complements the efforts being conducted by Placer County and the Town of Truckee to develop a comprehensive monitoring plan that examines water quality trends on a long-term temporal scale. As noted above, this project also helps to provide important data and to inform the status of the Truckee River TMDL (LRWQCB, 2008) and the actions of TROA.