Grant #209

Restoration Projects: Donner Creek & Dry Creek Meadow

Project Description:

The funding request is to close critical funding gaps on two projects: one in the design phase, the Donner Creek Restoration Project and the other in implementation, Dry Creek Meadow Restoration. With the support of the Truckee River Fund (grant #178), we have advanced the Donner Creek Restoration Project designs to 60% for three restoration sites. These projects will improve water quality and habitat along Donner Creek, and decrease sedimentation reaching the Truckee River. This reach of Donner Creek is one of the top three sediment dischargers within the Town of Truckee to the Truckee River (TRWC 2014) and the three sites were identified as priorities by the Donner Basin Assessment (2016). This proposal is to complete the 100% restoration designs. TRWC has worked closely with our project partners to develop the 60% designs including Caltrans, the Town of Truckee, and the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District. The partners strongly support the project, which has presented a unique construction funding opportunity. If TRWC can complete the 100% restoration designs by December 2018, Caltrans is able to fund project implementation completely (estimated at $900,000) through their 2019 Community Partner funding program.

TMWA Benefit:

  • Watershed Improvements. The two projects will decrease excess sedimentation to the Truckee River and support attainment of the 303 (d) listed TMDL pollutant.
  • Local Stormwater Improvements. The Donner Creek Restoration Projects will mitigate stormwater run-off from urbanized areas of the watershed. The Dry Creek Meadow Restoration Project will remove road segments triggering stormwater runoff and erosion.
  • Meet Multiple Objectives. The projects meet the watershed and water quality objectives listed above. It also benefits wetlands and instream habitats, native fish and wildlife species, flood attenuation, and carbon sequestration.
  • Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation. The projects have leveraged significant stakeholder participation from Caltrans, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, and the USFS. Moreover, the completion of final designs for the Donner Creek Restoration project may leverage $900,000 in construction funding from Caltrans.