Grant #170

Trout Creek Pocket Park & Restoration Initiative

The purpose of the Trout Creek Pocket Park Restoration Project is to revitalize and enhance this park in Truckee’s Historic Downtown while protecting Truckee’s natural resources, specifically Trout Creek, an important tributary of the Truckee River. The project will heighten awareness about the importance of protecting our water quality, wise water use and the use of sustainable building practices, educate youth, adults and visitors alike about the flora and fauna of Trout Creek, invigorate the downtown with a place to meet, relax or hold events, and create a hub for alternative transportation as many trails will begin and terminate at the park’s location. MAP started working on the project in 2007-2008 by securing initial grant funds of $93,500 for an environmental site assessment, design, planning and permitting through the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s Proposition 84 Grant. At the close of 2013, MAP finalized all of the CEQA site assessments, planning and permitting tasks for the project and from 2014 to present, MAP has been working to secure grants, donations, and in-kind services in order to bring the project to fruition in the summer of 2016.

TMWA Benefit:

This project satisfies the TRF Grant Priorities II through VI – Watershed Improvements, Local Stormwater Improvement, Re-Vegetation Projects, Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Stewardship and Environmental Awareness.  The project meets multiple objectives.  Specifically, it will implement a water infiltration system to filter the water before it enters back into the creek channel; remove noxious weeds along the creek bank and re-vegetate the area with native and drought tolerant plants to help with soil stabilization and erosion; is part of a multi­ phased restoration project to re-channelize Trout Creek near the Union Pacific Railroad; and includes an interpretive kiosk at the Trout Creek Pocket Park to educate youth and adults about the restoration efforts for Trout Creek.