Grant #173

Take Care – Truckee River

The project includes the creative development and installation of new Take Care signs that address irresponsible recreation on and along the Truckee River from the mouth of the Tahoe City Dam to the end of the bike path at Squaw Valley. The project will include multiple headlines, two illustrations, eight sign posts and 13 total installed signs. Additionally, the artwork that is developed will be made available at no cost to anyone who wishes to use the messages in their Truckee River Watershed outreach efforts. The project also includes a Truckee River Volunteer Clean-Up Day in July, at the height of rafting season.

TMWA Benefit:

This initiative advances TRFs Grant Priority VI – Stewardship and Environmental Awareness: Support to the Clean-Up programs and the development and implementation of educational programs relative to water, water quality and watershed protection. Through the new Take Care signs, we will make recreational users of the Truckee River aware of the sensitivity of the watershed, the importance of limiting negative impacts (litter, bank erosion, pollution into the River, etc.) and its role as a source of drinking water downstream.