Grant #201

Perazzo Meadows Watershed Restoration & Erosion Control Project

Project Description:

The specific goals of the project are to:

  • Improve water quality for on-site and downstream beneficial uses by reducing erosion, sediment loading, and other pollutants to the Little Truckee River and Stampede Reservoir.
  • Increase water storage in the upper Truckee River watershed by restoring the floodplain and hydrologic function of the meadow tributaries to the Little Truckee River.
  • Improve riparian and aquatic habitat for sensitive species.

Progress towards achieving these goals will be measured and reported through the following metrics: miles of road improved, number of culverts installed, number of drainage dips installed, number of low water crossings installed, and miles of stream channel enhanced/restored (Appendix I). All figures reflect estimates and are subject to change during project implementation based on the necessary prescriptions that best suit the landscape.

This project will reduce the potential for sedimentation to the water system by stabilizing eroding areas and capturing sediment and other pollutants at its source, along Henness Road. In addition, improve the quality of surface water runoff, restore floodplain function in the meadow tributaries to the Little Truckee River, and improve and increase the riparian and aquatic habitat in the area. Please see Appendix II for a map of the project site with respect to Henness Pass Road, the Little Truckee River, and other recently completed restoration efforts.

TMWA Benefit:

The project fulfills grant priorities (II) Watershed Improvements, (III) Local Stormwater Improvements, (VII) Meet Multiple Objectives, and (VIII) Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation.  Through retrofitting and adding appropriate erosion control infrastructure and restoring natural flow regimes, the project will mitigate storm water runoff and reduce sediment discharges to the Little Truckee River and subsequently Stampede Reservoir. The project adopts an innovative planning approach by combining road improvements with complimentary meadow restoration to maximize efficiency with project implementation and costs, and provide sustainable, lasting benefits. Such multifaceted actions will result in significant water quality improvement to both local and downstream waters, and advance the resilience of the overall Truckee River watershed.