Grant #203

One Truckee River: Watershed Management and Source Protection Plan & OTR Partnership Support

Project Description:

One Truckee River (OTR) is concerned with the Truckee River in Nevada from the state line to Pyramid Lake. OTR’s Phase I Management Plan covers the urban section of the Truckee from the vicinity of Chalk Bluff and McCarran (western boundary) to Vista Boulevard in Sparks (eastern boundary).

Funding from TRF is requested to support the following activities:

  1. Contracting with an individual to serve as One Truckee River Coordinator.
  2. Coordination of the OTR Partnership, and advancing 2018 priorities established by OTR working groups in each of the following areas:

a. Sanitation & Housing

b. Signage Plan & River Safety

c. Storm Water, Vegetation, Watershed Management

d. Funding, Metrics for Success, Structure

3. Identification of sustainable funding and long-term agency home/structure for OTR.

4. Raising near-term funds for continued implementation of OTR Plan Action Items with a focus on leveraging and matching OTR Partner investments.

5. NLT/ KTMB staff participation in activities listed above, and in OTR Partnership – as well as contract management, leadership team engagement, communications support.

Progress will be measured against OTR working group priorities established for 2018 from the OTR Management Plan.  Specific outcomes include: selection of and contract with new OTR Coordinator; well-informed local, state, and federal stakeholders; regular reporting of progress toward goals; identification and pursuit (and ideally receipt) of new funding for OTR; identification of long-term agency home/structure and funding for OTR; implementation of working group priorities.

TMWA Benefit:

All the TRF priorities, I thru VIII, are reflected in the One Truckee River (OTR) Management Plan developed by the OTR partners and adopted by Washoe County and the Cities of Reno and Sparks. As OTR founders, NLT and KTMB are continuing to provide staff support to OTR and to implementation of OTR priorities.  As the new OTR Coordinator comes on board, NLT and KTMB staff will begin to shift responsibility to that individual for partnership management and facilitation but shall remain members of OTR and undertake project implementation. Education and outreach to engage the community in understanding and caring for the Truckee River is the focus of the AmeriCorps team members managed by KTMB. Staff of both KTMB and NLT facilitate partnership activities and handle communications for the OTR partners; communication and community outreach responsibilities will continue.  OTR Partners have identified priorities for 2018 within each of the following areas: Sanitation & Housing, Signage Plan & River Safety; Storm Water, Vegetation, Watershed Management; and Funding, Metrics for Success, and Structure. For all the reasons stated above, the requested funds clearly Meet Multiple Objectives (VII).