Grant #196

Mount Rose Noxious Weed Monitoring and Treatment #6

Project Description:

The greater goal of the Mount Rose Wilderness Noxious Weed Monitoring and Treatment Project is to protect the water quality of the Truckee River and its watershed. Specifically, our goal is to treat noxious weeds at their source to mitigate their spread, monitor known weeds sites for changes and growth, and identify any new weed activity or infestations. Noxious weeds threaten the biodiversity, wildlife habitat, soil productivity, water quality, and recreational resources of the Mt. Rose Wilderness and by removing them we will help retain and improve watershed health. Staff will lead volunteers to known locales of noxious weeds, removing them with shovels and clippers as necessary. Staff and volunteers will also monitor previously identified and/or treated sites and scout the 2017 Hunter Creek Fire perimeter and helicopter loading points.

TMWA Benefit:

This project satisfies Priority VI – Stewardship and Environmental Awareness. This project will focus on eradicating approximately 75 acres of noxious weeds on Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest lands within the Truckee River Watershed.