Grant #195

Watershed Education Initiative (WEI)

Project Description:


The WEI delivers high-quality, experiential watershed education programs based on local issues associated with the Truckee River watershed, the water cycle, point and non-point source pollution, invasive species, sources and impacts of erosion, water conservation and stewardship.

Through this funding, SNJ will serve 1,100 K-8th grade students in 30 classrooms throughout northern Nevada. Conducted over a four-week period, WEI includes three in-class lessons, one field-study experience, pre- and post-assessments, classroom extension lessons for teachers, significantly increases family and community engagement, and citizen science. Curriculum developed and delivered by SNJ’s team of credentialed teachers aligns to state and national standards and the North American Association for Environmental Education’s Guidelines for Excellence.

TMWA Benefit:

This program satisfies the TRF Grant Priority VI – Stewardship and Environmental Awareness.

WEI is an education program that addresses water, water quality and watershed protection for K-8th grade students, directly aligning with Grant Priority VI. Students gain first-hand experience with the Truckee River, explore human impacts on their water source, and obtain skills and knowledge to help protect the watershed. The overall long-term impacts achieved through this program include:

  • Students understand important science concepts related to the Truckee River watershed and can articulate how their actions affect the Truckee River watershed and local ecosystems.
  • Teachers use extension lessons and implement more hands-on exploration of the watershed.
  • Parents and community members engage in watershed education directly through WEI volunteer opportunities