Grant #56

Invasive Aquatic Species Integrated Management Strategy

This project involves funding of boat inspections and the installation of gates at 3 public boat ramps on Lake Tahoe.  This work is deemed vital by TRPA to prevent the entry of quagga and zebra mussels into Lake Tahoe via recreational boats.  The quagga mussels are known to exist in Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.  Infestations of mussels are particularly problematic and costly to water purveyors in that they clog plant intakes.  According the USGS, approximately $5 billion is annually spent on controlling zebra mussels in the Great Lakes.  The goal of TRPA is to prevent entry of the mussel into Lake Tahoe.

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA benefits from by preventing spread of mussels into the Truckee River and potential clogging of intakes to the Chalk Bluff and Glendale Plants.