Grant #66

Five Year Weed Control and Restoration Plan for the Truckee River: Verdi through Sparks

This project involves funding the completion of a 5-year plan for control of invasive weeds and riverbank restoration activities along the Truckee River from Verdi through Sparks.  The plan will incorporate the following elements:

  1. Identification and prioritization of weed control projects
  2. Identification of land owners necessary for gaining access to project sites
  3. Avoidance of duplication of weed control and restoration efforts
  4. Establishment of a single point of contact relative to weed control efforts; The Nevada Land Conservancy will act as the coordinating agency for the Truckee Meadows Cooperative Weed Management Group


TMWA Benefit:

Watershed and water quality is maintained by controlling the spread of invasive weed species which can adversely impact the stability of riverbanks along the Truckee River.  Maintaining the native riparian habitat along the river is vital to reducing erosion and adverse sediment loading to the river.  This provides a direct TMWA benefit.