Grant #67

Cloud Seeding Project for Tahoe and Truckee Basins for WY2010

This project involves funding of cloud seeding operations in the Tahoe and Truckee River watershed for the 2009-10 precipitation season.  The project will utilize silver iodide cloud seeding generators positioned along the west flank of the Tahoe Basin.  These generators produce silver iodide smoke particles which form ice-forming nuclei which enhances the production of snow.  The generators are remotely operated via a computer internet link and operate when weather parameters are conducive to the production of snow.  Also included in the original proposal is supplementary cloud seeding using subcontracted aircraft.

The project has three phases.  The first phase includes the set-up of generators at five remote sites.  Phase two is the actual cloud seeding operations which is expected to start by mid November.  The third phase includes an analysis of the results of cloud seeding operations with a report completed by June 15.

The attached proposal from DRI provides a detailed description of the project activities.

TMWA Benefit:

DRI experiments indicated that snowfall in the watershed can be enhanced with cloud seeding operations.  DRI estimates that snowfall water yields can be increased ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 acre-feet per season.  This provides a direct benefit to the Truckee River watershed from which TMWA draws 85% of its water supply.