Grant #148

Donner Basin Watershed Assessment

A full-scale assessment of the Donner Basin Watershed including the upper watershed draining into Donner Lake and the lower watershed below the dam and to the confluence of the Truckee River. The assessment includes a disturbance inventory report, existing conditions report, and a restoration and protection opportunities report. A prioritized list of projects isĀ  identified and categorized relative to beneficial impact to streams, meadows and wetlands.

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA and the TRF will benefit from this analysis as it will provide a master plan for watershed restoration improvements within the Donner Lake watershed. The TRF has funded a number of projects in the watershed but this effort will provide a long term plan for future projects. TMWA owns half of Donner Lake capacity which is a drought resource. Data developed from this assessment will be used in the global assessment of the watershed being conducted by the The Nature Conservancy.