Grant #71

Watershed Inspection Program for the Truckee River Watershed

This project entails the development of a coordinated, multi-party plan for the control of aquatic invasive species (AIS) within the Truckee River Watershed.  Heretofore efforts have focused on prevention efforts at Lake Tahoe via the TRPA boat inspection program to prevent the introduction of quagga mussels.  This work takes the process to the watershed level with the goal to develop a sound, sustainable inter-agency program encompassing other water bodies (Donner Lake, Independence Lake, Stampede Reservoir, Boca Reservoir, Prosser Creek Reservoir and Martis Creek Reservoir) which are at risk for similar infestation.  This planning effort will include the implementation of a pilot level Watershed Inspection Program and an inventory of existing aquatic invasive species at three selected reservoirs.

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA through the TRF has supported boat inspection efforts at Lake Tahoe under the supervision of the TRPA.  TMWA is concerned about the possible proliferation of invasive species at other critical water supply reservoirs.  If quagga mussels ever become established in the watershed, the consequences to TMWA’s water supply and hydro intakes could be severe.  The implementation of prevention program covering the entire watershed provides great benefit.