Grant #283

Watershed Coalition Building

OTR will lead, coordinate, and fundraise for the OTR partnership by engaging the OTR Partnership Council, Oversite Committee and Goal Groups as well as other partners and the public, and increase the public’s understanding of the Truckee River, OTR River-Friendly Living practices, and efforts underway to protect the Truckee River led by OTR and its partners. Some current OTR projects developed, funded, and underway due to our Watershed Coalition efforts include OTR’s River-Friendly Living demonstration garden at Lake Park in Reno, OTR’s Water Trail work to install a third Portland Loo at Reno’s City Plaza in spring of 2024, and OTR’s Urban Restoration effort leading – in collaboration with Nevada Land Trust – a Technical Working Group focused on regional coordinated vegetation management and future restoration projects along the Truckee River in the Reno/Sparks urban core.

TMWA Benefit:

OTR’s proposed Project supports Truckee River Fund’s Grant Priorities: IV. Local Stormwater Improvements, VII. Stewardship and Environmental Awareness, and IX. Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation.

Local Stormwater Improvements: OTR’s Watershed Coalition Building efforts develop project concepts, partners, and fundraises to implement projects developed under OTR’s Watershed Coalition efforts to mitigate stormwater runoff to the Truckee River in the Reno/Sparks urban core.

Stewardship and Environmental Awareness: OTR’s Watershed Coalition Building efforts include online education targeting adults in the Truckee Meadows to increase their understanding of the importance of the Truckee River and actions each resident can make to support watershed protection through OTR’s River-Friendly Living online material and social media posts.

Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation: OTR’s foundational strategy is to assess various stakeholder interests related to protecting the Truckee River and work to leverage interests and funding to further the implementation of the OTR Management Plan. OTR is a collaboration of public and private partners focused on the implementation of the OTR Management Plan that was unanimously adopted by Washoe County, City of Reno, City of Sparks, and Western Regional Water Commission.