Grant #95

Watercraft Inspection Program for the Truckee River Watershed

Final development and subsequent implementation of a “mandatory” watercraft inspection program for remaining water supply reservoirs within the Truckee River watershed.  The purpose of the program is to prevent the introduction of quagga mussels into Stampede, Boca, Donner, and Prosser Creek reservoirs.  Over the last two seasons TMWA has supported a voluntary inspection program at these reservoirs.  However, it has become apparent from further risk assessment analysis that a mandatory program is necessary, especially since the existence of the mussels was recently confirmed in Lahontan and Rye Patch Reservoirs.  Key elements of this program include the procurement of local ordinances required for program implementation as well as inspection/watercraft decontamination site selection.

TMWA Benefit:

The goal of this program is to prevent the quagga mussel from entering these reservoirs.  Currently, a TMWA supported mandatory program is in place for Lake Tahoe and private watercraft are not allowed into Independence Lake.