Grant #104

Washoe Drive Fire Emergency Watershed Stabilization and Restoration Effor

This project entails support for emergency treatments for burned areas impacted by the recent Washoe Drive Fire. Treatments will include installation of sediment logs, hydro seeding of slopes, replanting of riparian vegetation, installation of willow waddles and willow stakes, and repairs to drainage systems.

The restoration plan was developed through an assessment by the BAER Team whose assessment included the parameters of burn severity, loss of vegetative cover, and soil erosion within the Steamboat Creek, Washoe Canyon, Galena Creek, and Browns Creek corridors.


TMWA Benefit:

Restoration efforts are required to mitigate adverse impacts to Steamboat Creek and the Truckee River System and the groundwater aquifer in the burn area. Degradation of Truckee River water quality has the potential for impacting TMWA’s surface water resource inventory. Restoration efforts will help to reduce this threat.