Grant #166

Virginia Lake Water Quality Improvements

This project will construct a new primary outlet structure for Virginia Lake which will be located near the south end of the lake. The new outlet structure will replace the existing primary outlet structure, sometimes referred to as the “Glory Hole”. The design objective is to improve circulation in the lake by relocating the primary outlet near the north end of the lake, where normal inflow diverted from the Truckee River via the Cochran Ditch also enters, to near the south end of the lake. These outlet modifications will ensure that the normal inflow from the Truckee River, by dedicated City water rights, must circulate the length of Virginia Lake to the new outlet structure.

TMWA Benefit:

Virginia Lake and the Truckee River will directly benefit from improved water quality through this project since water from Virginia Lake, which flows south and east through the storm drain system into Boynton Slough and Steamboat Creek, ends up back in the Truckee River.