Grant #151

Virginia Lake Water Quality Improvement Project Monitoring and Public Education

The purpose of this grant is to support pre and post project water quality monitoring and public outreach as the City of Reno removes the Virginia Lake Island. Virginia Lake is currently experiencing severe water quality problems stemming from the presence of blue-green algae.  The situation is also being exacerbated by the current drought. It is believed by City of Reno staff that the algae growth is due to large increases in nutrient loading coming from nesting bids on the island. The City’s project includes the imminent removal of the island to be followed by other improvements to increase circulation and aeration of the lake.

TMWA Benefit:

Virginia Lake drains to the Truckee River. Completion of this project will have a direct water quality benefit to the Truckee River system. TMWA benefits from this project from an overall water quality perspective.