Grant #227

Truckee River Watershed Forest Restoration and Community Outreach, Phase 2

Project Description:

The goals of TNC’s headwaters forest work that would be supported by this proposed grant are: 1) to further facilitate the investment of some portion of a $1.5 million federal grant received by The Nature Conservancy for on-the-ground forest restoration in the Truckee River headwaters, 2) to complete development of effective messaging and outreach strategies, and 3) to utilize the messaging and strategies to implement an awareness campaign to educate the public and potential partners about severe wildfire-associated risks, and help TNC increase investment in the restoration of the headwaters forest through development of public-private partnerships.

TMWA Benefit:

  • Re-Forestation & Re-Vegetation Projects: The projects that will be developed and implemented under this proposed grant would help reduce the risk of wildfires and associated risks to water resources
  • Leverage Stakeholder Assets & Participation: Provide non-federal match for implementing forest restoration projects with the US Fire Services will be leveraged in helping ensure utilization of the remainder of the $1.5 million DTL grant on projects that will benefit river water quality, watershed protection, source water protection and habitat enhancement. Also, help TNC implement an awareness campaign, build partnerships, and increase fundraising will create greater leverage to support more of the same types of projects, beyond the term of the TRF grant.