Grant #192

Truckee River Tributaries Sediment Reduction Project

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to improve water quality by restoring actively eroding road networks and associated stream channels in the Middle Truckee River watershed that are contributing excess sediment to the Truckee River. To achieve this goal, TRWC will implement the following: 1) improve drainage on primary roads and associated stream channels to restore hydrologic connectivity; 2) obliterate and restore un-needed road spurs and; 3) incorporate vegetation, seed, and mulch to improve soil health and enhance habitat.

TMWA Benefit:

This project satisfies the TRF Grant Priorities:

Watershed Improvements: The project will decrease sedimentation and support attainment of the 303(d) listed TMDL pollutant to Truckee River in seven key tributaries within the Middle Truckee watershed.

Local Stormwater Improvements: Extensive road networks within the watershed have led to an increase in stormwater and associated pollutants entering into the Truckee River. The project will mitigate the negative effects of stormwater and allow for increased connectivity and on-site infiltration.

Support to Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Drainage Courses: The project will restore road systems adjacent to key tributaries of the Truckee River, improve watershed function, and reduce sediment transfer to the tributaries, as well as to the main stem of the Truckee River.

Meet Multiple Objectives: The project meets the three objectives listed above. The project also benefits meadow, riparian, and in-stream habitat, and the fish and wildlife using those habitats.

Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation: Stakeholder prioritization of sediment reduction associated with dirt road systems is documented in the Tributaries Assessment (Truckee River Watershed Council and U.S. Forest Service, 2017) and in the Truckee River TMDL (LRWQCB, 2008).