Grant #69

Truckee River Restoration Projects-Weed Control (WCSO Community Work Program)

This project involves the funding of weed control activities on newly restored stretches of the Truckee River in the Lockwood/102 Ranch areas east of Reno.  These river segments have been restored to a more natural state by The Nature Conservancy and require short term weed control to allow natural vegetation to become established.  This work will be accomplished by a Washoe County Sheriff’s Office inmate crew supervised by a team leader.  When the crew is not working on TNC restored river segments, they will focus their efforts on river clean-up and removal of invasive weeds in Crystal Peak Park, Mayberry Park, Ambrose Park, Wingfield Park, and Broadhead Park.  This funding request will allow for the hiring of an Inmate Work Crew Leader to supervise the work crew.

TMWA Benefit:

Control of invasive species and restoration of impaired sections of the Truckee River serve to improve the entire health of the Truckee River and provides benefits to all users of the Truckee River, including TMWA from a water quality perspective.