Grant #41

Truckee River Invasive Plant Eradication & Restoration Demonstration Project

This project identifies/eradicates exotic weeds along the Truckee River with restoration of natural habitat.  The initial phase includes a detailed mapping effort of the area to be treated coupled with communication with agencies and groups involved with similar efforts.  The eradication effort will then follow with the physical removal of invasive exotic weeds and application of environmentally acceptable herbicides.  The last step will be the planting of native trees, shrubs and grasses with follow-up monitoring.

It is expected that this project will be the first of a continual and on-going weed eradication and restoration effort along the Truckee River corridor.

TMWA Benefit:

Removal of exotic weeds with restoration of natural Truckee River riparian habitat will improve the watershed and raw water quality of the river.