Grant #206

Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area Project: Planning Phase

Project Description:

To create a community-supported master plan to repurpose the former Rosewood Lakes Golf Course into the Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area: A high-quality wetland habitat that will serve as an outdoor learning laboratory and public recreational park.

The property formerly known as the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course is one of the last vestiges of wetland habitat in the Truckee Meadows. The proposed Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area (TMNSA) has been invaded by many non-native plant species listed on the Nevada Noxious Weed List and the Washoe Storey Cooperative Weed Management Area (WSCWMA) high-priority list including, but not limited to, tall whitetop (Lepidium latifolium), poison hemlock (Conium maculatum), and puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris).

TMWA Benefit:

The Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area (TMNSA) project advances priorities II, V, VI, VII, and VIII through the implementation of the planning phase and associated future phases. Priority II refers to watershed improvements such as reducing erosion or sediment discharges to the River. This project will reduce erosion through wetland rehabilitation (Birch et al. 2004) along Steamboat Creek, designated impaired waters. Additionally, this rehabilitated wetland system is expected to reduce total nitrogen loading in the Truckee River, which would then reduce algae as a suspended solid (Chavan et al. 2008). As such, the TMNSA project advances priority V because it supports water quality improvement in Steamboat Creek. The TMNSA project advances priority VI in that the Parks Foundation will use TMNSA as an outdoor classroom where economically disadvantaged students who attend our Student Stewards Program will learn about water, water quality, and watershed protection. The TMNSA project will involve multiple stakeholders, including the City of Reno, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Nevada Land Trust (One Truckee River), and Lahontan Audubon Society to encourage collaborative efforts in all aspects of river water quality, watershed protection, source water protection and species enhancement, and to promote the missions of all involved agencies, thereby advancing priority VIII.