Grant #287

River Stewards

The River Stewards Project seeks to build upon a similar project that was successful in significantly reducing the amount of trash in the Truckee River watershed as well as the river itself. The presence of trash along the riverbanks poses a serious threat to water quality, and a threat to the health of the entire community. The proposed project site includes an upstream urban area, which is also located in close proximity to the TMWAA Water Treatment Plant.

The River Stewards Project will consist of ongoing trash removal, including removal of animal and biohazard waste, in areas along the Truckee River that are beautifully landscaped and designed for recreational use. Current and formerly unsheltered individuals will be hired on a contract basis at a livable wage as cleanup crew members. Crew members will receive comprehensive training by the Program Manager and other staff. The training will include instruction in community outreach to unsheltered individuals, consistent with the RISE organizational mission.

The funding will be used to hire one Program Manager and 6 Part-Time Contractors to decrease pollution in the areas within 100 feet on either side of the Truckee River. Expenses will include salaries, fringe benefits, and program supplies.

TMWA Benefit:

The River Stewards Project fits the TRF priority category Stewardship and Environmental Awareness by supporting a cleanup program and offering community education directly connected to preserving and protecting the local environment and enhancing water quality.

The project will also contribute to improving the local watershed by decreasing the total maximum daily load (TMDL) through the reduction of non-point source pollution in and around the Truckee River. The project’s work will occur in upstream urban areas that are close to TMWAA’s water treatment facility.