Grant #134

Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution to the Highland Canal

Final design and construction of a storm water collection and conveyance system to prevent non-point and point storm water pollution from entering TMWA’s Highland Canal System in the Mesa Park area of northwest Reno. Elements of the project include collection and detention basins, storm water conveyance piping, and a new storm water outfall structure adjacent to the Truckee River.

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA has been impacted by storm water pollutant discharges into the Highland Canal System in the Mesa Park area in northwest Reno. This situation has led to periodic disruption of treatment operations at TMWA’s Chalk Bluff Treatment Plant facility. This situation has become more problematic as the Highland Canal has become the primary source of raw water supply to the treatment plant with nearly year round operation. Completion of this project will remove this serious water quality issue adversely impacting TMWA water plant operations.