Grant #257

Prosser Basin Sediment Reduction Plan

Project Description:

The project is a planning project that seeks to reduce excess sedimentation in the Prosser Basin by addressing degradation caused by modern and historic road, trails, and associated sites. We are requesting funding to help complete the plan. The three major landowners have committed to cost sharing in the development of the plan and equally important, to implement the plan as part of their scheduled capital improvements through 2024.

TMWA Benefit:

Grant priorities. The project addresses:

II Watershed Improvements: If fully implemented, the project will decrease sedimentation by 20 tons per year to support attainment of the TMDL for Truckee River. Treatments/Actions on roads, trails, and restoration sites will enhance watershed function such as infiltration, reduce erosion, and protect and restore streams, wetlands, and meadows.

III Local Stormwater Improvements: Prosser Basin receives stormwater inputs from a surprising large network of roads, trails, and residential development. The project’s approach will use some engineered solutions as well as restoring natural function (infiltration, source reduction) for those stormwater inputs.

VII Meet Multiple Objectives: The project meets the watershed and water quality objectives listed above. It also benefits meadow, riparian, and in-stream habitat, native fish and wildlife species, and manages/directs transportation and recreation uses.

VIII Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation: The projects leverage significant partner/landowner participation and cost share from Tahoe Donner Association, Truckee Donner Land Trust, and USFS. They have actively participated in the Prosser Basin Assessment, agreed to the project prioritization, and will use the Sediment Reduction Plan in their planned work over the next three years. The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California and are aware of the Prosser Basin Assessment and, due to staffing limitations, will review specific projects based on our request to them.