Grant #45

Pioneer Dam Modification

This project is a collaborative project involving the City of Sparks, TMWA, USFWS, NDOW and other project stakeholders.  The project involves the design and reconstruction of the Pioneer Ditch Diversion adjacent to TMWA’s Glendale Water Treatment Plant site.

The diversion structure dates back to the late 1800’s and consists of a rock rubble structure prone to wash outs.  Pioneer ditch users prematurely rebuilt the rock rubble structure in early 2007 which resulted in increased flood potential to the Glendale Plant and nearby commercial property.  Due to urging by TMWA and the City of Sparks, the rock rubble structure was partially removed in 2008 to reduce the flood threat.  This project will provide a permanent structure that will reduce flood potential, maintain regulatory water flow capacity in the river, and improve fish and recreational boat passage.

TMWA Benefit:

TMWA will benefit by significant reductions in flood potential to its Glendale Water Treatment Plant.