Grant #235

One Truckee River Overall Support

Project Description:

One Truckee River (OTR) is requesting support to continue to build the overall capacity of the OTR Partnership to advance the implementation of the OTR Management Plan, Phase I with a focus on OTR’s highest priority action items by: 1) Filling a gap in funding to have the OTR Partnership Coordinator, Iris Jehle-Peppard, continue in her current capacity, 2) Continue the contract with Turning Point, Inc. to the end of 2021, and 3) Support a River Restroom Attendant to ensure the River Restroom Project pilot is a success.

TMWA Benefit:

 This grant application will advance these TRF grant priorities: Local Stormwater Improvements and Re-Forestation and Re-Vegetation Projects by supporting the development and implementation of a coordinated vegetation management plan; and, Improving water quality along the urban Truckee River Corridor by supporting the River Restroom Project with the River Restroom Attendant and the OTR Partnership Council to secure more funding for the Project. All of TRF’s grant priorities will be supported by the ongoing growth of the OTR Partnership Council.