Grant #216

McIver Dairy Meadow Restoration Project


Project Description:

The funding request is to Complete construction of the McIver Dairy Meadow Restoration Project to reduce excess sediment discharge to the main stem of the Truckee River.

The project is a wetland and stream restoration project that seeks to reduce excess sedimentation of the Truckee River by addressing degradation caused by modern and historic land uses. We are requesting funding to help complete the implementation of the project.


TMWA Benefit:

Watershed Improvements. The project will decrease excess sedimentation to the Truckee River and support attainment of the 303 (d) listed TMDL pollutant by restoring the hydrologic function of the McIver Dairy Meadow. The restored floodplain and wetlands will attenuate high flows and filter runoff before it drains to the Truckee River.

Local Stormwater Improvements. The project site receives stormwater inputs from adjacent roads and commercial development. The project will provide natural treatments for those inputs before reaching the main stem of the Truckee River. Note: the Town of Truckee and Caltrans are project partners and are addressing required stormwater management regulations.

Meet Multiple Objectives. The projects meet the watershed and water quality objectives listed above. It also benefits wetlands and instream habitats, native fish and wildlife species, flood attenuation, and carbon sequestration.

Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation. The project has leveraged partner participation and assets from the outset. The Town of Truckee was instrumental in early funding for the project and has been critical in completing the design and environmental compliance for the project.