Grant #73

Livestock Events Center Drainage Treatment System

During June of each year, TMWA has reported high total organic carbon and total coliform levels at the water intake at its Glendale Water Treatment Facility.  Analytical data suggests that there is a correlation between the timing of the Reno Rodeo event held in June of every year at the RSLEC.  Investigations conducted by both TMWA and the City have concluded that the temporary penning of animals in asphalt areas (where no permanent BMP’s are in-place) to be a significant contributor to the problem

This project is intended to mitigate this problem through the design and construction of a storm water structural control which will capture and divert low flow “wash down” pollutant runoff by redirecting it into the City sewer system.  An on-site storm water treatment system will also be designed and constructed to minimize storm water pollutants during high flow storm events.

TMWA Benefit:

If successful, this project will provide a major water quality benefit to the operation of TMWA’s Glendale Water Treatment Plant.  Chemical costs should decrease slightly by not having to compensate for the Rodeo Event with higher levels of treatment during and immediately after the Rodeo event.