Grant #83

Livestock Event Center Treatment System-Phase 2

This project includes the design and construction of a drainage collection system that will prevent potentially contaminated drainage from entering the storm drain system and the Truckee River.  This project, Phase 2, will target the northerly livestock holding areas.  Normal flows will be treated and diverted to the sewer system for treatment at the Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility.

TMWA Benefit:

Completion of Phase 2 of this project, coupled with the already completed Phase 1 targeting the south end of the Livestock grounds, will mitigate the long standing problem of livestock waste entering the Truckee River via storm drains during livestock events at the Livestock Event Center Facility.  These episodes in the past have impacted the normally pristine water quality of the Truckee River and threatened treatment operations at TMWA’s Glendale Water Treatment Plant.