Grant #160

Johnson Canyon Westside Restoration

The watershed assessment describes the geomorphic and hydrologic processes in the watershed and how human actions have interrupted these functions. From that scientific and technical basis, the assessment identified areas of erosion and impacted function within the watershed. Preliminary restoration actions and project concepts were derived from the assessment, including benefits and gains, impacts to the drainage network, sediment production, relative cost, and project sequencing. In 2014, 7 of 10 clustered projects in the eastern portion of the watershed were completed, resulting in improved water quality, wildlife habitat and recreation in both Johnson Canyon and Donner Lake. TRF Advisors recommend funding the Fact-Checking Assessment, Design, Permitting and Pre-Project Monitoring activities at this time.

TMWA Benefit:

This project provides a direct water quality benefit to TMWA by addressing erosion issues and improved riparian and instream habitat.