Grant #244

Encampment Clean-up and Unsheltered Individual Data Collection

Project Description:

This goal of this project is to improve Truckee River water quality by reducing the amount of pollution in the River as a result of encampments along and near the Truckee River with the eventual goal of drastically reducing the number of people camping along the River and provide those vulnerable populations with resources. Encampments result in the production of human waste, trash, medical waste and sharps (devices with sharp points or edges which are often also biohazards) being disposed in or near the Truckee River, instead of in an appropriate fashion that would keep waste out of the Truckee River. By creating relationships with unsheltered individuals, empowering them to participate in river-clean ups, and engaging them with the goal of moving into housing, the utilization of encampments along the Truckee River will be diminished.

TMWA Benefit:

 The project advances the following TRF priorities: watershed improvements and leveraging stakeholder assets and participation. Controlling the flow of human created trash is critical to protect the health of the Truckee River. Trash generated by unsheltered individuals camping along the Truckee has a large impact on the health of the region’s water source. The River Stewards Program will work directly with unsheltered individuals to clean up areas along the Truckee River. Additionally, in partnership with established local non-profit and government partners, the project will create a database of unsheltered individuals to better connect them to housing resources, with the eventual goal of drastically reducing the number of people camping along the River, a source of human fecal waste entering the river and reducing water quality.