Grant #259

Donner Creek Confluence and Boca Restoration

Project Description:

The projects share a common goal of reducing erosion and excess sedimentation to the Truckee River and improving water quality. The Truckee River has long been a focal point of development in the region, and historical urban-land uses were concentrated along the river. As a result, much of the historic floodplain and sections of channel were heavily altered or filled. Additionally, both sites experience heavy recreational use, including unauthorized vehicle access, which leads to soil erosion, reduced riparian regeneration, compacted soils, and unmitigated stormwater pollution to the Truckee River. Both projects will establish a balance of environmental restoration and sustainable public access.

TMWA Benefit:

The project addresses:

  • Watershed Improvements: The projects will decrease sedimentation and support attainment of the TMDL for the Truckee River. They also improve watershed function and habitat by increasing floodplain connectivity and enhancing riparian vegetation.
  • Local Stormwater Improvements: The projects will mitigate stormwater coming from Highway 80 (Boca Unit) and West River Street (Donner Confluence) by targeting on‐site infiltration.
  • Support to Rehabilitation of Local Tributary Creeks and Drainage Courses: The Donner Confluence project will restore habitat on a key tributary of the Truckee River and reduce sediment transfer to Donner Creek, as well as to the mainstem of the Truckee River.
  • Meet Multiple Objectives: The projects meet the objectives listed above, and benefit meadow, riparian, and in‐stream habitat, native fish and wildlife species, and carbon sequestration.
  • Leverage Stakeholder Assets and Participation: The projects leverage significant stakeholder participation and cost share from the Town of Truckee and CDFW.