Grant #252

Doggie Waste Awareness Campaign

Project Description:

The Parks Foundation is eager to develop and execute a professional level Dog Waste Awareness Campaign that educates and informs Truckee Meadows community members on stewardship actions that keep dog waste out of the Truckee River watershed. The campaign will be developed in-house with management from our Communications Director, and guidance from a Public Relations agency, to incorporate best practices on maximizing community engagement. The chosen PR agency will provide a social media brief with specifics on marketing tactics, advertisement opportunities, and sustainable online engagement. The Doggie Waste Awareness Campaign will be promoted with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, local broadcasting, and through the Parks Foundation’s already established newsletters and website. The goal of this awareness campaign is to grow the amount of park goers reached, by increasing impressions, views, and clicks over all of our various mediums of advertising. In addition, with a 26.12% Hispanic/Latino population in Reno/Sparks, it is imperative to incorporate information in Spanish language. By promoting a strong, cohesive message of stewardship to a wide audience, Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation will influence more members of the community to participate in conservation actions regarding dog waste, and keep dog waste off the ground and out of the Truckee River.

TMWA Benefit:

The Dog Waste Awareness Campaign advances TRF’s grant priority VI of Stewardship and Environmental Awareness: Support to Clean-Up programs and the development and implementation of educational programs relative to water, water quality and watershed protection. For many, the connection between neglected dog waste and it’s negative impact on the Truckee River is unknown or not well understood. Through the campaign, public education will be provided about the harmful effects of dog waste on the Truckee River and watersheds. After partnering with a local Public Relations agency, videos will be strategically produced and marketed to generate the most impact in the Truckee Meadows community. The awareness campaign will lead to community stewardship, and encourage park and trail goers to use the resources provided through established Dog Waste Stations and to clean up their pet’s waste. These actions, inspired by the Awareness Campaign, will reduce the amount of harmful fecal matter entering the watershed.