Grant #99

Caughlin Fire Emergency Watershed Stabilization & Restoration Effort

Stabilization and restoration of public and private lands severely damaged by the Caughlin Fire. Scope of work includes installation of debris basins, channel cleaning and debris removal, reseeding, hydro seeding, straw waddles, check dams, willow waddles, and installation of other appropriate BMP’s to reduce potential of erosion and sediment loading to drainage courses and tributary creeks terminating at the Truckee River.

TMWA Benefit:

This project supports water quality and the Truckee River watershed and is consistent with TMWA’s overall water quality assurance program. Implementation will help to maintain water quality to the intakes of TMWA’s water treatment facilities. Without remediation of the watershed damaged by the Caughlin Fire, the burn area and adjacent areas of the watershed could become more vulnerable to fire with adverse impacts to TMWA’s water treatment plants, such as increased sediment and turbidity loading. This could increase the cost of treatment while reducing reliability.