Grant #20

Assessment of Petroleum Impacts to the Truckee River from Direct Stormwater Discharges

This project is a study of petroleum discharge uptake by fish focused on the urban area of Reno and Sparks. Previous work has shown a significant increase in uptake of hydrocarbons by fish in the urban area of the river, most likely by dumped petroleum products that enter the storm drain system. The project will be coordinated with the City of Reno and is multi-jurisdictional in nature. The project proposes to do the following:

1. Identify (through fish analysis) reaches of the river most affected by petroleum hydrocarbons.
2. Determine the extent to which hydrocarbons may be affecting wildlife.
3. Identify major non-point sources contributing significant hydrocarbons to the river.
4. Recommend reduction strategies.

TMWA Benefit:

There have been occasions where storm drain discharges containing oil have forced the temporary shutdown of the Glendale Water Plant. Specific reduction strategies coming from this study should help to mitigate this problem when implemented. Water quality will be improved.